Creative Dissatisfaction


I’ve been writing songs for 16 years. Some I will never reveal to anyone, and some I think are pretty good, haha.  It’s definitely been a journey but I’ve learned a few things along the way.   When it comes to songwriting, probably the most powerful key to keep your song writing moving forward is a thing called creative dissatisfaction…

 In other words NEVER BE SATISFIED! 

 You can always write a better song, you can always be better, you can always learn more, always deepen your creative well. 

After every song I write, or every record we produce, we sit down and absolutely pick it to bits.  “OK, what was great about it?”  “What went totally wrong?”  “Are the lyrics really passionately painting a picture?” “Is the melody or the hook sinking deep into people’s hearts?”  And obviously the next time around we try and fix it.    

 Never be satisfied with what you’ve achieved or accomplished.  God’s creativity is limitless.  There is always unreached potential.  Bono from U2 best describes it by saying, “hungry in a way that can’t be fed!”

Josh BurnettComment