Citipointe Worship

2019 — Citipointe Worship

Citipointe Worship (formerly known as Citipointe Live) is the prophetic sound & worship expression of Citipointe Church; with a desire to magnify Jesus and lead people into a deeper intimacy with Him. Citipointe Worship has expanded into a global expression of the Citipointe Church heartbeat - to unmistakably influence our world for good and for God, and continues to see millions across the globe set free through powerful praise & worship songs that bring Heaven to Earth.


Track List

01. Love Never Fails (feat. Aaron Lucas)

02. Endlessly (feat. Matthew Nainby)

03. Overwhelm (feat. Jess Steer)

04. Paradise (feat. Becky Lucas)

05. Extol (feat. Chardon Lewis)

06. Gravity (feat. Becky Lucas)

07. Breathe In, Breathe Out (feat. Chardon Lewis)

08. Nothing Like (feat. Jess Steer)

09. Regardless (feat. Aaron Lucas)

10. Battle Song (feat. Candace Woodward)

11. Up (feat. Beau Lamshed)

12. Breakthrough (feat. Aaron Lucas)

13. Original Love (feat. Jared Porter)