‘Wildfire’ holds 10 new songs that will bring life and hope to your everyday. It will set your heart ablaze with a passion for Christ and His power. The Citipointe Worship team has really captured what God is doing through the church with their music. It features the songwriting and worship leading skills of Aaron and Becky Lucas, Joel Ramsey, Chardon Lewis, Colin Moore, Beau Lamshed and Christopher Williams. Some of the key tracks include On Top of the WorldGreater Is and title track Wildfire.

Through these songs you are sure to experience the presence of God with an intimate yet explosive sound of worship alongside praise that will get you off your feet and ready to change the world. 



  1. On Top of the World (feat. Joel Ramsey)

  2. Wildfire (feat. Joel Ramsey)

  3. If Not for Love (feat. Becky Lucas)

  4. Presence Power Glory (feat. Becky Lucas)

  5. Greater Is (feat. Aaron Lucas)

  6. Grater Is - Spontaneous (feat. Aaron Lucas)

  7. Forever You Remain (feat. Beau Lamshed & Jess Steer)

  8. My Soul Yearns (feat. Chardon Lewis)

  9. Unstoppable (feat. Aaron Lucas)

  10. Living Water (feat. Becky Lucas)

  11. Lion (feat. Beau Lamshed)


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