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We are so excited to release to the world our newest single ‘Pavement’. The song is about seeing a revival in our nations and a new awakening across the globe which we believe is taking place right now! ‘Pavement’ was written from 2 Chronicles 7, where Solomon and the Israelites were in the temple and were so desperate for God to manifest that they were on the pavement crying out “He is good & His love endures forever”.

What’s amazing is that the theme of this song then became the theme of our entire album! During the recording, we saw God move in a way we have never seen before as the body of worshipers were crying out to God in desperation. Singers, musicians, production team, and photographers all across the room were so moved by the tangible presence of God on that night – many on the ground, on their knees and weeping in His presence. A song that we pray will move you as you feel the intensity of His undeniable presence and His unending love.