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The King of Glory

Citipointe Worship has recently blessed the hearts of worshipers worldwide with their latest collaboration, ‘The King Of Glory‘, featuring the immensely talented Alexander Pappas. This powerful anthem is now available on all good music platforms, allowing listeners to immerse themselves in a divine worship experience. As you press play, prepare to be captivated by the heavenly melodies and profound lyrics that exalt the name of our King.

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A bold & powerful worship collaboration

The King Of Glory‘ is more than just a song; it is an invitation to encounter the presence of God in a profound and transformative way. With each note and every word, Citipointe Worship and Alexander Pappas have crafted a masterpiece that stirs the soul and ignites a passion for worship. The inspirational tone of this collaboration will uplift your spirit and transport you into a place of awe and reverence before the King of kings.